She Started Ballet At Age 7 And Against All Expectations, She’s Still Dancing At 78

When you find your passion in life, you should stick to it no matter what anybody says. For Madame Suzelle Poole, she discovered her life’s passion at the tender age of seven. At almost eighty-years-old, she’s never once looked back.
Poole’s amazing story of perseverance and passion began in England in the 1940s. After taking only a few ballet classes, Poole fell utterly in love with the art of dance and the gracefulness of ballerinas. Noting her passion, her parents took her to see a performance by the legendary dancer Margot Fonteyn.

After seeing the iconic ballerina in action, Poole was convinced that she wanted to dance ballet for life.

Poole didn’t just have a passion for dance, but an immense amount of natural skill as well. She studied and trained diligently in her youth and proceeded to dance professionally. Poole has performed all over the world, from her home country of England to Canada. After marrying an American, Poole followed her husband to his home state of Texas and began dancing professionally with the Houston Ballet.

After her husband passed away, Poole returned to England. Now retired from performing, Poole became an instructor at the Royale Ballet Dance Academy. Although her life had been dedicated to perfecting her own skill as a dancer and as a performer, Poole discovered that she was a natural born teacher.

At almost eighty-years-old, Poole is still in amazing shape, thanks to practicing and dancing regularly. She loves getting up each day to teach her very young students, who Poole says build both physical strength and character by studying ballet.

Poole teaches classes a whopping six days a week, despite the fact that she’s at the age where most people have long retired from their careers.

Poole’s inspiring story of dedication, passion, and drive has reached people all over the world. She’s given a TED talk and has been featured in myriad documentaries and news stories.

The people who’ve been affected by Poole’s story say that she inspires them to pursue their goals and devote themselves to their own personal passions, whatever they may be.

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