Incredible Jesus Figure Appears in Tree Just Days Before Easter

In Bolivar, Colombia, an incredible figure of Jesus Christ appeared on a tree trunk just days before the Easter holiday. The body of Christ appears on the tree trunk, while the branches of the tree give the impression the figure is hanging from a cross.

Despite COVID-19 gathering restrictions set in place, many Christians flocked to the area to see the image for themselves. In a video taken by journalist Rafael Rodriguez, many can be seen taking photos of the image and praying. Most did not have any protective gear on and were not spaced out properly.

While mesmerizing, police are concerned that the tree could become a pilgrimage site and cause more large gatherings. Earlier this week, officials announced a country-wide lockdown. This is to be in effect until late April.

Another journalist, Rodolfo Zambrano, said: “The figure appeared last Sunday night and people rushed there with candles and transformed the place into a pilgrimage site, which is concerning neighbors as a lot of people are going there.”

Though the social distancing rules need to be kept in place in order to keep everyone safe, others are noting the image is giving people hope during such a dark time. People feel this is a sign from God during Holy Week.

“It can clearly be seen, and everybody is praying and asking for Earth to be cured of this evil and for Magangue to be protected,” local shopkeeper Agustina Diaz said.

Like many places around the world where informal labor is common, the quarantine has created deep hardship for some Colombians and for many Venezuelan migrants.