Her Baby Was in Their Car When They Sink in to the Water, an Angel Rescued Them!

Kristy Irby was moderately driving in the road with her baby when they met an accident. Her daughter Alley, was a just two-and-a-half-year-old when this incident happened to them. She was talking to her husband on the phone when a deer shot out in front of her car. She stepped into the break suddenly out of shock and unfortunately it drove her car into the swollen creek below.

The creek has a very strong current that it swept her car downstream giving them a very hard situation to survive. The water started to fill into the air vents and they were trapped inside a sinking car. Kristy was so terrified thinking that she needs to do everything and find a way to get out of the car because she needs to save her daughter, Alley. She tried all means to bust all windows with forceful kicks and punches but still, nothing happened. She was praying and begging to God believing that God is the only way for them to survive.

Right after she prayed, her driver’s side window rolled down giving a passage for the air to come in. Kristy keeps on telling her baby to hold her breath for they are about to swim. She laid everything to the Lord as there is no other way for them to overcome such situation. God was truly working during that time as He sent somebody to rescue them.

Officer Shane Gibson arrived at the place and saw Kristy’s car so he started scanning the whole creek area. He can hear Kristy screaming from afar and that gave him to courage to look for them with a purpose of helping them. Officer Gibson got Alley first and came back for Kristy. Thankfully a backup arrived and Officer Willie Roberson came.

God gives us hardships in life in order for us to realize that in a world full of sin is a powerful and forgiving God that takes control of everything. Call His name and lean on Him for he will send His angels to rescue you in times of trouble.