Resilient Street Cat Ensures Her Kittens Live and Hopes for Home with Her Bonded Son

A resilient cat bounced back so her kittens could live better lives. She hopes to find a forever home with her bonded son.
orange cat and kittens

Chelsea the cat mom and her mini mesFour Paws One Heart

Early this year, an orange cat was spotted in Mansfield, Texas, in desperate need of rescue. She was seen dragging herself to safety as she couldn’t move her legs. Susan Edstrom, founder and president of Four Paws One Heart (in Trophy Club, Texas), saw the plea for help for the feline, and rushed to save her.

“The cat has a very strong will to live. We took her to several different vets and had X-rays and evaluations done. It was determined that a bb (pellet) was (lodged) in the T9 area of the spine,” Susan told Love Meow. “The consensus was to leave it alone (to prevent further damage). She had sensation in her feet when they were touched.”

They also discovered something else through the X-rays — much to everyone’s surprise, the cat was pregnant. She survived the ordeal so her kittens could live.

Four Paws One Heart

They named her Chelsea, and over the next few weeks in foster care, the expectant cat mom proved to be a resilient force.

Chelsea continued to wiggle her legs trying to use them. Every day without fail, she would drag herself around to exercise while her foster carer helped strengthen her legs with massage therapy.

She is resilient and determinedFour Paws One Heart

“We bought a senior cat litter box and she’d attempt to use it. We eventually saw videos of her getting up, wobbly and falling down but she was persistent,” Susan shared with Love Meow.

Then one day, Chelsea got up on all fours and took her first steps, and she just kept walking. Over the next few days, she figured out her litter box and even harnessed enough range of motion to scratch the back of her ears with her back legs.
cat mom and kittens

Chelsea gave birth to five healthy babiesFour Paws One Heart

On March 31st, on her own, Chelsea gave birth to five healthy babies in the comfort of her nest. It was as if she had been preparing for this moment to care for her demanding kittens.

Chelsea was a wonderful mother to her litter, tending to their every need and watching them as they blossomed into rambunctious teens. When her kittens were ready for adoption, all but one quickly found forever homes.

She is a wonderful cat motherFour Paws One Heart

Georgie Boy (Chelsea’s mini-me) and Chelsea were the only two still waiting. As it turned out, Chelsea needed her son all along.

Chelsea is still leery of humans while Georgie Boy adores attention from everyone he comes across. His energy and confidence rub off on his mom. He encourages Chelsea to play and has brought out the inner-kitten in her.
cat mom and kitten

Chelsea and her son Georgie boy became a bonded pairFour Paws One Heart

“They are constant companions and he is often caught sleeping together curled up with his arm over her, like her protector,” Susan told Love Meow.

“He has helped her find her wings, and she is far more comfortable with people when he’s around. We think adopted together, he will help her transition to a new home.”

Four Paws One Heart

For Chelsea, some of the tiny things she does are huge improvements. She’s starting to wiggle her hind quarters before pouncing, and playing more like any other cat every day.

“She also realized when I walk fast by the cat tree she doesn’t have to run. She’s definitely the longest to progress with baby steps that I’ve ever had,” Chelsea’s fosterer shared.
cat mom and kitten son

Four Paws One Heart

Chelsea has come a long way from not being able to walk, to walking, using the litter box, having five adorable babies, and climbing the cat tree all by herself.

“She deserves to always have a soft bed and a human to love her.”

Georgie Boy and Momma ChelseaSheila Wilson

“So many people have rooted for Chelsea since she came into the rescue. She and Georgie Boy were really meant to be together. He is the ying to her yang and they love each other dearly.”
sweet orange cats

Georgie the protector to his momSheila Wilson

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Stray Cat Comes Back to Find Her Kittens Who Were Brought to the Shelter

Four little kittens were brought to a shelter without a mom. But the momma cat came back to look for them.

A few days ago, Alissa Smith, co-founder of Wrenn Rescues, was contacted about four 10-day-old kittens needing rescue. Staff from a shelter in Downey, California were desperately trying to find them help.

“There were only 15 minutes left, and no one else was able to take them but thankfully, the networking group got them out safely, and a wonderful woman named CJ transported them all the way out to Ventura County, California to us,” Alissa told Love Meow.

The kittens were found in someone’s yard along with their mother, but the cat mom quickly escaped and ran off.

Ashley, a foster volunteer, immediately started overnight bottle feedings. Jenifer Hurt, co-founder of the rescue, took over the bottle duties during the day.

Wrenn Rescues

“The kittens were very obviously well taken care of by their cat mama. When orphaned kittens land into the shelter, they don’t usually see their mama again,” Alissa said. “Another important reason to leave kittens where they are found (and wait for the mom), instead of taking them to the shelter.”

Ashley and Jenifer were fully prepared to hand-rear the kittens until they were weaned, but then something amazing happened.

Kittens placed in an incubator as they can’t regulate their body temperatureWrenn Rescues

The residents who dropped off the kittens, came home and were surprised to find the cat mom outside looking for her babies. “They were able to catch her and bring her in,” Ashley told Love Meow.

The next day, the momma cat was brought to her foster home to be reunited with her kittens.

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

At first, she was very shy after the ordeal and refused to come out of the carrier until Ashley brought a baby close to her.

“I held a baby up to her and she visibly calmed down. We coaxed her out of the carrier with it,” Ashley said. “She went right over and curled up in the middle of her kittens, purring. They all went right to her, and started nursing.”

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

The sweet mama was in pure bliss, purring and kneading with her paws while feeding her hungry little kittens.

“I don’t think we have ever seen something so heartwarming,” Alissa told Love Meow. “So unbelievable that this miracle occurred. To say that the reunion went well is an understatement.”

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

The following morning, Ashley woke up to a friendly cat mama snuggling up to her and purring up a storm.

Watch mama and her kittens in this adorable video:

Stray cat reunited with her kittens at foster

“As neonatal kitten foster parents, we do everything under the sun to make our fosters happy, comfortable and content.”

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

“Nothing we can do compares to the blissful feeling of having a mama lying next to them,” Ashley said.

“She is a patient mom and her gratitude to be back with her kittens is palpable. These are the happiest and luckiest babies.”

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

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Tabby Kitten Nestles with Her Littermates Until Help Arrives, Now Living Everyday to the Fullest

A tabby kitten and her siblings stayed together until rescue arrived, and they left street life behind.
kittens huddling

They were rescued together after their mother was hit by a carLori White

A litter of four kittens were brought to ARPO, an animal rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana, after their mother was found hit by a car. They were huddled up as a quartet the entire time as if to keep each other comforted.

They were estimated to be three weeks old and needed round-the-clock care and medical attention — one of the white kittens had an injured paw, and the other two were wobbly.

The sole tabby of the litter seemed to be the glue that held them all together.
cuddly kitten littermates

They kept each other comfortedLori White

“There are three girls and one of the white kittens is a boy,” Lori White, foster volunteer of ARPO, shared with Love Meow.

With good food, supportive care, and a comfortable place, the kittens (Ducky, Cera, Petrie, and Littlefoot) came out of their shells. “Originally, we thought Cera and Petrie (the two wobbly kittens) had cerebellar hypoplasia, but as it turns out, their muscles just took longer to get strong.”

Lori White

“Petrie had a warble that was removed from his neck and Ducky (the tabby) had a scare with aspiration pneumonia and was hospitalized for two days but thankfully recovered.”

Littlefoot, the kitten with the injured paw, was able to heal up nicely after a week of wound care and antibiotics. She now sports a smaller mitten on her left front leg, but it doesn’t slow her down a bit. She was the last kitten to start eating solid meals as she had a strong affinity for her bottle.
happy kittens

With proper care and good food, they began to thriveLori White

Ducky the sole tabby stands out amongst her siblings. She is very vocal about when her next meal should be served, and was one of the first kittens to figure out the litter box.

After getting her belly filled, she rolls on her back for some rubs and then joins her littermates for an extended cuddlefest.
sweet tabby kitten

Ducky is the sole tabby in her litterLori White

The quartet have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few weeks. Their personalities are really shining through.

When they are not snoozing in a cuddly fashion, they are busy scampering around their room, wrestling with each other, and climbing anything they can lay their paws on.
lap white kitten

The perfect lap kittyLori White

Ducky insists on being the center of the attention and isn’t afraid of voicing her many opinions. She has discovered that she is a natural “supervisor” and “hair stylist” when she gets on her foster mom’s shoulders.
shoulder kitten

Bottle feeding timeLori White

These kittens are the lucky ones as they will never have to go through another day on the street. With the help of a foster family, they have all fully recovered and are working on growing big and strong.

“Everyone is super playful and affectionate! They should be available for adoption through ARPO early September,” Lori shared with Love Meow.

Lori White

Littlefoot has blossomed into a gorgeous lady cat. She likes to show off her little nubby paw. “One of her favorite activities is playing on the stairs. She gets so excited to run up and down.”

Littlefoot the kittenLori White

These little ones are having the time of their lives after a rough start. Ducky the tabby continues to be a little love-bug, offering everyone her signature cuddles.
cuddly tabby kitten

Ducky the cuddle-bugLori White

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Kitten Found Outside, Insists on Sitting on Warm Lap, Watching Her People and Won’t Leave Their Side

A tabby kitten insisted on sitting on a warm lap, watching her people, and wouldn’t leave their side.

Penny Richards

A litter of five newborn kittens were brought to Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia after they were found outside without a mom. Penny Richards, a foster volunteer of the rescue, didn’t hesitate to take them in.

The kittens, about two days old, still had their umbilical cords attached. They were just pint-sized and constantly seeking heat and comfort. Penny set them up in a cozy nest with heated blankets, a cuddle toy and started feeding them around the clock.

Without the presence of a mom, the kittens began suckling on each other, which can be dangerous and damaging. They wore tiny protective onesies for the first week until they grew out of the habit.

Penny Richards

The runt of the kitten, Piccadilly or Dilly, stood out at a young age. She was the smallest of the bunch and a dainty little eater. Penny had to put in extra effort to encourage her to eat.

“I always started the feeds with her because she was the noisiest, and then went back and offered her more when everyone else was done.”

Penny Richards

Dilly was the last one to open her eyes. She gravitated towards her humans as soon as she took her first peek into the world. “She loves people. When she was tiny and developed her sight, she would just sit and watch everyone around her,” Penny told Love Meow.


The little bundle of fur was already full of character. “She was noisy when awake, but when asleep she was always in such funny positions. She could be found snuggling with her lamb (cuddle toy) more often than not, even on top of it.”

Penny Richards

The tabby girl was not shy of voicing her many opinions. She was tiny but had a mighty personality to make up for. “She found her voice early, and she’s not afraid to tell you what she thinks.”

At three weeks old, Dilly and her siblings began to find their footing by waddling about. In no time, they started to wrestle with each other in slow motion.

Penny Richards

As Dilly got bigger and more energetic, her sassy attitude came out in full swing. When she discovered fuzzy ball toys, she was one of the first to check them out, hitting them back and forth in the playpen.

Once the tabby simmered down from her crazy bursts of play, she always came running to her foster mom and fell asleep on her lap.

Penny Richards

“She was very cuddly, and always climbed onto my lap for snuggles, while purring away,” Penny shared with Love Meow.

Dilly continued to hog her foster mom’s lap every day. She attentively watched her with those big doe eyes, as if to study everything her human did.

Penny Richards

“When they came in at two days old, she weighed quite a bit less than the others.”

Nine weeks later, she was still the smallest of the litter, but not so tiny any more. The playful, rambunctious tabby was constantly on the lookout for trouble, plotting antics around the house.

Penny Richards

When she needed to recharge, she made her way onto the nearest warm lap and curled up for a nap. “She’s always been a sleep twitcher, and sometimes she sleeps with her eyes open.”

“Piccadilly has been a joy to have around! From day one she has had the biggest personality crammed into the tiniest body.”

Penny Richards

“When her eyes opened and her sight came in, she would just sit and stare at me, watching everything I was doing and taking it all in,” Penny said.

“She has been bold and loud, and so entertaining, but little Dilly has the sweetest side to her. She always came for cuddles on my lap, and loved to sleep up against me.”

Penny Richards

“She never stopped purring, and as soon as I called her name she came running over.”

When the kittens were big enough for adoption, they quickly found their forever homes. Dilly the tabby girl also met the family of her dreams.

Penny Richards

After a few days, Dilly won over her new feline sister Ronan who took the little one under her wing.

Dilly the mischief-maker likes to play with Ronan’s tail and follow her everywhere around the house. She watches her big sister and tries to imitate everything she does. When they are not wrestling or sleeping, they are probably watching the day go by through the window next to each other.


“Dilly is getting so big. She’s five months old and 5.3 pounds. She spends a lot of her day running around, bugging her sister, and watching the humidifier. She loves climbing on the headboard, snuggling with me under the covers… She makes me laugh constantly with her silly antics,” Shira, Dilly’s forever human, wrote.


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People Are Obsessed With This Adorable Chihuahua With Curious Appearance

Internet sometimes gets blasted with special and inspiring dog stories that can surely melt your heart away. Such is the same for Lucky, a 2-year-old dog who lives in Thailand with his owner, Charice Fca Cha. Lucky became an instant hit because of his curious and unique appearance.

“There are so many reactions,” Charice told The Dodo. “Some people are stunned, excited, surprised. People want to meet him.”

“Some people think I used a permanent pen to draw his eyebrow or photoshopped his face,” she said.

Thankfully, despite looking outwardly different, Lucky is in good health, and he is so happy when he found someone to love him both inside and out.

“He’s a very clinging guy,” Charice said. “He sticks with me everywhere all the time.”

For Charice, the most special thing of Lucky is not his two-different colored eyes or his dark eyebrow, it is the friendship he shares with her. She’s looking forward to a happy life with that adorably eye-catching pup by her side.

“I think we will have a fun and very happy future,” Charice said.

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People say this pup looks like a cat and dog hybrid, and his expressions are hilarious

Do you like cats or dogs? is a common question when meeting someone, and automatically places you on one side. How to be left-handed or right-handed.

But surely this you did not see coming. It seems that in Vietnam there is a dog that looks like a cat, and it may be the answer to the eternal division between cats and dogs. People on this subreddit immediately began sharing their conspiracy theories about the breed of this animal. Some said that it looked like a cartoon, another explained that it was the H’ mong race and others that they did not care what it was because it was very cuddly.

This little dog is about to become a 4-legged star in Vietnam

Some believe it is a hybrid of Corgi and a local Vietnamese breed called the H’mong

The H’mong race is ancient but was originally only used by an ethnic minority in the area. According to Asia Life Magazine, they are excellent hunting and guard dogs, strong and intelligent. They originated in the mountainous areas of northern Vietnam and their tail is adorable. They are loyal, sociable, and get along well with children.

Hai Anh and Tuan are the owners of this pup which is called Dúi (bamboo rat). Only 5 days ago we created the dog page and it already has more than 40,000 likes. It already has fans all over Vietnam and the rest of the world. ”

Dúi is a cross between a native breed and a short-legged dog named Dingo. But I think it must have some mutation. I bought it in the mountains in Vietnam.

Like all puppies, he likes to play with humans and dogs, he is very cute and funny.” Photos don’t lie!

Every One Was Told ‘Not To Touch’ This Cat And One Man Didn’t Listen

According to one man: Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was. Ugly loved three things in the world: Fighting, Eating, Garbage and shall I say, Love, writes fsrn.

The combination of these things combined with a life spent outside had their effect on Ugly. To start with, he had only one eye, and where the other should have been was a gaping hole. He’s also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot has appeared to have been badly broken at one time. And he had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner. His tail has long since been lost, leaving a tiny stump which he would constantly jerk and twist.

Every time someone saw Ugly, there was the same reaction: “That’s one ugly cat!” All the children were warned not to touch him. The adults threw rocks at him or tried to use a hose to chase him away. But Ugly always had the same response. He would stand there, and not move until the cruel stranger gave up on the hose and the rocks and left him alone.

If you threw things at him, he would even curl up at your feet showing you forgiveness. If you picked him up, he immediately began suckling on your shirt, or ears, whatever he could find.

One day, Ugly shared his love with the neighbor’s Huskies. They did not respond kindly and he was badly mauled.

From my apartment, I could hear his screams and I rushed to his aid. By the time I got there, he was lying there, obvious his poor life was coming to an end. I carried him home, afraid my touch was hurting him terribly. I could hear him gasping and struggling but then I felt a familiar sensation. Ugly was suckling on my ear. I pulled him closer to me and he bumped my hand with his head.

Then he turned his one golden eye toward me and I could hear the distinct sound of purring. At that moment, I thought Ugly was the most beautiful, loving creature I had ever seen. Ugly died in my arms before I could bring him inside but I sat there and held him for a long time afterward, thinking about how one scarred, deformed little stray could alter my opinion about what it means to have pureness of spirit. To love so totally and truly.

Ugly taught me more about giving and compassion than a thousand books, lectures or talk show specials ever could.