12-Year-Old Survives Coronavirus: “I Died and Came Back”

Imagine being a healthy, active 12-year-old then suddenly being on a ventilator in a hospital, approaching death. This was the reality for Louisiana teen Juliet Daly, who had a heart condition triggered due to the novel coronaviru“I died for two minutes,” Juliet, of Louisiana, told “Good Morning America”. “My stomach would not stop hurting,” she said. “I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to live. I wanted for it all to stop.”

Juliet was airlifted to Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans with heart failure. At the hospital, Juliet was placed on a ventilator and treated in the intensive care unit (ICU).

“Juliet came in as one of the sickest children we’ve taken care of with COVID-19,” said Dr. Jake Kleinmahon. The top chamber of her heart was not working correctly with the bottom chamber, and she was developing “multisystem organ failure,” he said.

As soon as they put the breathing tube down her throat, her heart stopped said the mother. They had to do two minutes of CPR to revive her.

“I died and came back,” Juliet said.

“She’s the sweetest girl. She’s the sweetest girl in the whole world. And she does not deserve this. And I was praying to God…just please, please help, please help me,” said Jennifer, Juliet’s mother, speaking from the family’s Covington home Thursday, with her husband Sean and their now-recovered daughter.

Despite the trauma the young girl went through, doctors say she will recover fully and not have any long-lasting effects. Juliet doesn’t remember most of what she went through. When she regained consciousness, she immediately worried about missing school.

“All she remembers is daddy telling her she’s going to go to sleep. ‘They’re going to put a tube down your throat. You’re gonna go on a helicopter ride. You’re gonna wake up in a new hospital and mommy will be there’” said Jennifer. “Well, that’s what happened.”